The Wine World’s Instagram Edge: Champagne Houses Head Top 10 With Media Heavyweights Close Behind

Who in the Wine World is winning the battle of Instagram? Moët & Chandon and Dom Perignon are out in front, with a few wine media companies and one notable critic (James) hot on their heels. The post The Wine World’s Instagram Edge: Champagne Houses Head Top 10 With Media Heavyweights Close Behind appeared first on

The Wine World’s Instagram Edge: Champagne Houses Head Top 10 With Media Heavyweights Close Behind
From left to right: Professional golfer Minjee Lee celebrates her win with a magnum of Veuve Clicquot, the official Champagne of the Amundi Evian Championship. (Photo from the official Veuve Clicquot Instagram.) | Wine Spectator's behind-the-scenes look at tastings. (Photo from the official Wine Spectator Instagram account.) | Dom Pérignon's collaboration with Lady Gaga in June 2021. (Photo from the official Dom Pérignon Instagram account.) | Summer aspirations from Moët & Chandon. (Photo from the official Moët & Chandon Instagram account.)

A social media presence is crucial for anyone in the wine trade, from producers to retailers to consumers, and even (or especially) wine critics. With more quality wine choices than ever, consumers and others are dependent on industry influencers and product review websites to keep up with their latest, and favorite, releases.

Knowing what consumers and others say in their online chatter about wine is obviously an important consideration for producers, especially since Internet sales are taking an increasing share of the market. And knowing how to move the needle in the Wine World is a subtle art, often built on decades of real-world experience and, of course, the making or tasting of thousands and thousands of bottles. LVMH Moët Hennessy, for example, pumps out millions of bottles of Champagne each year through its various Champagne houses, which dominate our list of most-followed Instagram accounts in the Wine World – Moët & Chandon is No. 1, Dom Perignon is No. 2, Veuve Clicquot is No. 9 and Krug is No. 14. LVMH also owns 50 percent of Armand de Brignac (No. 12). All told, LVMH sold 52.4 million bottles of champagne in 2020, and 64.7 million bottles in 2019.

The beauty of social media is that it requires little expense, and there is no better way to spread your message than via Instagram, which is custom-made for posting pictures of desirable bottles and accessory objects that reflect opinion, personality and lifestyle. As James himself said, “Instagram has given life and energy to my social media presence. I am a former photojournalist and images can be just as powerful and compelling as words – even more so.” (You can sign up to follow James on Instagram here.)

Our list of the top Instagram accounts in the wine world is judged on number of followers, and it also includes a number of  big-name industry media, including James,  along with some popular influencers. Outside of the Champagne houses, no other wineries are in the top 15 – a subject worthy of further exploration. For now, have a look at the top players…


At the top of the hit parade are two popular Champagne houses: Moët & Chandon, at 705,000 followers; and Dom Perignon, with 658,000. Moët speaks for itself (and embraces multiculturalism). Dom Perignon has Lady Gaga to speak for it (see their collaboration below right: Scary but Sophisticated).
At numbers 3 and 4 are Luc Belaire, the French sparkling wine cuvée, and media heavyweight Wine Spectator, with 562,000 and 541,000 Instagram followers, respectively. James worked at Wine Spectator from 1981 to 2010, mostly as the European bureau chief, and he was variously based in London, Paris and Tuscany before starting in 2010. Wine Spectator, which now operates out of New York, says it has about 3 million readers.
Next up are Wine Enthusiast, with 481,000 Instagram followers, and Wine Folly, with 378,000 Instagram followers. Wine Enthusiast is an American publication focused on wine ratings, information and education, while Wine Folly, a content site devoted to wine knowledge and appreciation, is based in Seattle.
Rare Wine is at No. 7 on the list of top Instagram accounts in the Wine World, with 292,000 followers, while James checks in at No. 8, with 287,000. Denmark-based Rare Wine supplies the rare wine market as well as investors.
Rounding out the Top 10 are two more big names: Veuve Clicquot, the French Champagne house, has 273,000 Instagram followers, while Robert Parker Wine Advocate has 249,000 Insta followers. Wine Advocate focuses on consumer advice and is based in the United States (Robert Parker retired from the publication in 2019).
And here are the also-rans – two Champagne houses and three wine/lifestyle publications– with a couple closing the gap on the Top 10.
11. Decanter – 229,000 Instagram followers
12. Armand de Brignac (aka Jay-Z’s brand)  – 215,000 Instagram followers
13. Winery Lovers – 208,000 followers
14. Krug Champagne – 201,000 followers
15. Wine Teller – 183,000 followers


– Vincent Morkri

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